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"HOT! PURSUIT SIZZZZLES!  ...(A) sexy, action-packed read."
--Patricia, a reader

"HOT PURSUIT is an exhilarating thriller that never slows down "
--Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"A fun read... emotionally satisfying."
--Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

"If you like action stories with an element of romance, then this one is for you!"
-- Becky, a reader

"Kathryn Jensen writes a scorching novel that will keep you on edge for the entire book."
--Cat Cody, RomanceJunkies

"Intense, fast-paced suspense."
--Angela Etheridge, Romance Readers Connection

"A gripping tale sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats, be sure to pick up a copy of HOT PURSUIT today."
--Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

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If you dream of distant horizons and exciting adventures, but you're like me--a timid traveler on a budget--I will share with you ways you can open up your world.  The easiest (and cheapest) is by being an armchair traveler.  Reading stories set in exotic locations around the world or real-life travel adventures written by experienced travelers.  For $10 or less you can spend one or several days adventuring from the safety of your coziest chair with a cup of tea at your elbow.  But for those willing to save their pennies and leave their nest for a hands-on adventure, I have some suggestions to get you started.  Read on, Adventuress!



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Kathryn is working on two new projects for publication.  Her nonfiction book on creating novels, short stories and articles, and marketing them in today's challenging world, is tentatively titled, THE CHAMELEON WRITER.  The Writer's Institute will publish this valuable resource for writers of all skill levels.

She is also researching a historical novel set in the early 17th century, based on the experiences of 150 men, women and children who survived a shipwreck to live for nearly a year on an uninhabited island.  Better than a TV reality show!


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